Use AVG Image Shrinker to save on your mobile data when you share your favourite pics.

Do you like taking pictures on your phone or tablet and uploading them to Facebook, Picasa, Instagram or email them to friends? With such great quality cameras now on devices, you get great pics but not always the data cost to match. AVG Image Shrinker can help you save on your monthly data plan by reducing the size of your photos and images before sharing them.

Shrink your photos and save on your mobile data

Shrinking your images before you share them means you can upload them more quickly and use less data.

  • Reduce the size of JPEG, BMP and PNG files.
  • Reduce the size of photos taken by your camera to make them more manageable.

Share images directly online

Email or share your photos and images on your favourite social networks.

  • Upload images directly to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Picasa and many other popular social network sites from the app or use your email account to share photos and pictures.
  • You can also shrink images from your picture gallery by sharing the image to AVG Image Shrinker.

Customise your preferences

  • Configure the size of the image you want to shrink by entering a customised size of your choice or default to the size that AVG recommends. Plus you can save time and effort by sorting by file size and shrinking all your photos at the same time.

Fast set up and user friendly features

  • AVG Image Shrinker is quick and easy to use so you can start saving on your mobile data plan.