Optimise your smartphone or tablet for faster speed and increased performance!

If you use your phone or tablet like a PC then you need to keep it optimised like one. With a range of easy to use smart tools like a task killer, battery saver, and storage space manager, you can fine tune your mobile device to keep it running faster and more smoothly. It can even keep track of your mobile data usage to help you make sure that you don't go over your data limit.

Extend your battery life

Take back control of your battery life with an alert that lets you turn off specific functions to save power for when you need it most.

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Control your data usage

Stop worrying about how much data you're using by setting up your mobile data alerts. We'll let you know when you're reaching your limit so you can make the right decisions.

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Less freezing and crashing

Protect your apps from prying eyes by locking and securing them individually.

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Free up space

With space at a premium on your phone, it's good to know what's on it so you can free up space for the things you really want.

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