How much are you really sharing online?

Download AVG PrivacyFix™ and find out!

Facebook, Google and more than a thousand other companies collect data about you online. Until now there has been no easy way to understand and control data collection. AVG PrivacyFix checks your privacy exposure on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, and with one click, takes you to settings where you can fix it. Block over 1,200 trackers from following your movements online. See which websites reserve the right to sell your personal data and easily request that they delete what they hold on you. Get alerted to privacy risks as you visit sites and know when policies change.

And because we no longer live our digital lives just on a PC, you can download the apps and manage your privacy on your mobile and tablet too.

Download it now, we bet you'll be surprised!

All in one place

Manage Facebook, LinkedIn and Google from one dashboard


Who really sees "What's on your mind?"

Discover over 10 different settings including some you probably don't even know about. Set it up to be as private as you want it to be.

Control how you appear in search results

Find out what you're worth and how much they track the sites you visit.


Whatever you do - you choose what's saved, viewed and blocked

Whether it's allowing your searches to be saved in your Google account, what happens with your YouTube viewing history or blocking collection of your data history across the web – you decide.


It's not just who you know that's worth knowing

Are you sharing your network with the world? Can others see when you check their profile? Easily review key settings and decide what's right for you.

One click to fix

It's never been so easy

Quickly view and understand each privacy setting and see how to change it with a click.


Blocks tracking

Block over 1,200 trackers

If you're not comfortable with your behaviour being tracked on websites then you can choose what to do about it.

Goes where you go

Update and fix on your PC, Mac, mobile or tablet

Your personal PrivacyFix dashboard can be seen across all your devices whether you use a PC, mobile or tablet. Whatever changes you make on one, will be seen across the others. Just download the plugin or app for whichever device you use:

Available for FREE for Chrome, Firefox, Android, iOS

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