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The AVG LinkScanner® Drop Zone lets you check the safety of individual web pages you are about to visit. You may have received a suspicious link in an e-mail — just copy the URL (web page address) and drop it into the box below. LinkScanner® will examine the web page against 30-day domain threat history reports to see whether it's hiding any suspicious downloads. Even innocent web sites can contain hidden "drive-by downloads". Use the AVG LinkScanner® Drop Zone to inspect:

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Why use the AVG LinkScanner® Drop Zone Online Scanner?

Cyber criminals use "lure" sites to attract web users to sites they have invisibly infected with exploit code. This exploit code is then used to infect users' PCs with drive-by downloads of spyware, rootkits, and other malware.

  • Just because you click a link doesn't mean you'll land on the site you thought you would
  • Just because a site looks innocent doesn't mean the underlying code is harmless

AVG LinkScanner®

The AVG LinkScanner® Drop Zone is part of the LinkScanner® technology included in AVG's AntiVirus and Internet Security products.

AVG LinkScanner® is a timely, precise and reliable pro-active web surfing tool. It only looks at the pages that matter - which are the ones you try to visit.

Today's fastest-growing dangers on the Internet are transient threats that appear on one or more web pages for very short periods of time — anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks. This is the LinkScanner® difference — other safe-surf solutions report on the safety of a site the last time they looked at it — which could have been months ago.

AVG's patent pending LinkScanner® technology stops threats before they get onto your PC by inspecting web pages against 30-day domain threat history reports when you try to open them.

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